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Business Valuation Services in Mahopac

Whether you’re buying or selling, a business is worth much more than numbers you put down on paper. Our team helps you and interested parties refine the actual value of your company, from its assets and talent to its earning and growth potential. We can also help you discover and understand the risks you’re taking when joining an existing venture.

Schneider Financial Group Ltd. brings practical experience to every valuation project. Our professionals, whether they are CPAs or not, are skilled individuals who are committed to you. Your goals are our goals, and we want to help you know the value of the business you are vested in. 

Helping Find the True Value of Your Company

Valuations are unique every time, requiring diligent and thorough accounting work. We have a high standard of excellence for everything we do, which protects our clients from potential danger, such as buying a business that is in the red. Once we have completed our side of the valuation, we can recommend what clients should do. We always provide an honest and comprehensive opinion.

We have helped clients in the following situations:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Disputes
  • Buyouts
  • Divorce
  • Estate Planning
  • Financing
  • Gifting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Other Business Valuation Scenarios

How Schneider Financial Group Ltd. Obtains Accurate Values

We offer a uniquely precise approach to our valuation services. Our first step is to get to know clients and learn what the business history is, and what its future looks like. This initial phase helps us understand what the business means to do and how our services fit in with your goals. Then, our accountants begin their research.

By pouring through records and statements, we determine how healthy the business is, how much owners can claim, and what your options are. How we go about our planning is determined by the need. For instance, a couple that owns a business and is going through a divorce will require a different approach than someone who is looking to pass on the business to an heir.

Schneider Financial Group Ltd. has served Mahopac businesses for many years. We have carefully overseen mergers, business sales, and much more. With our team on your side, you can rely on us to show you the true value of a business.

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